Generic Tadalafil: What Does it Mean?

When people hear the words generic drug, they often have the misconception that such drug would not be as effective as their branded counterparts. One reason may be despite of its low price, it offers the same beneficial results which may sound too good to be true. Most people also base their opinions through logical thinking that any drug labelled as generic would mean that it was not made of the same chemicals as compared with the branded drugs. However, all of these myths are false. Any drugs labelled as generic do have the same effects as compared with their branded counterparts. For this article, we will expose some facts to support this claim.

As we all know, more and more men around the world suffer erectile dysfunction not just because of age but also generally due to a poor lifestyle. Buying ED medications online becomes rampant because it is more convenient and cheaper, as compared to buying them on local pharma stores. Tadalafil is just one of those popular ED drugs sold over the internet these days. However, anyone can avail tadalafil in the form of a branded product or generic pill. Tadalafil is more known for its branded name Cialis. But what is the difference between the brand name Cialis and generic tadalafil? Do they exhibit the same results?

Cialis, as mentioned earlier, is a brand name for tadalafil. As compared with its generic counterpart, the drug is usually sold at a higher cost since it is branded. This means that the company which manufactured the branded pill has to add the drug’s price due to the expensive costs for research. Before a company can patent a drug, they have to spend 10 to 15 years of research, including testing to prove the safety and effectiveness of the product on humans. Once the patent for the branded drug expires, other companies can identically reproduce these drugs in the form of generic medications. The name Cialis is basically the company’s desired name for the product.

Tadalafil, on the other hand, is the generic version of Cialis. It is named tadalafil because as a general rule, a generic drug has to be named according to its most active ingredient. Tadalafil’s effects are comparable to that of Cialis since they are basically the same. Both contain the basic ingredient tadalafil, the only difference may be in the color and shape of the meds, as well as the price. Moreover, generic tadalafil is cheaper because, as what we have mentioned above, these drugs need not to undergo further research since it has already been proven safe and effective. Competition can also be the main cause why generic tadalafil are sold cheaper since a lot of companies would usually be interested in reproducing expired brand name drug patents.

As a conclusion, the brand name Cialis is basically the same with generic tadalafil. They may differ a bit in the color, shape, and especially with the price, both drugs do provide the same benefits. Rather than judging a drug according to its name, it is more critical for the user to judge himself whether he is qualified to take such medicines or not to avoid other possible complications.