Is There Any Difference Between Prednisone Generic and Prednisolone?

Prednisone generic is a medication classified as a synthetic corticosteroid. Scientists have designed prednisone generic for the purpose of treating patients who are suffering swelling and inflammations caused by arthritis, lupus, allergies, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disorder, and many other ailments that trigger such symptoms. However a lot of people might be confused between prednisone generic and prednisolone. This article will provide basic information about prednisone generic and how it is related to prednisolone.

Normally our body produces its own natural prednisolone of about 10 mg or less per day. But there might be times that chemical imbalances occur inside due to some ailments. The lack of normal levels of corticosteroid can be problematic, especially since they are the ones that control the inflammations within the body. This is the time when patients are recommended to take prednisone generic.

Why Prednisone Generic?

Actually prednisone generic is just the same with the branded version of the medication such as Deltasone. We call the drug as prednisone generic not just because it contains the same active ingredient which is prednisone, but also it is a replica of the branded version. We say replica it means that everything is the same – the active ingredients, the outcomes, possible side effects, strength of the medication, the length of time it will take effect, the half-life, and so on. The only difference is that we call the replica version as the generic because manufacturers have reproduced it after the patent expiration of the branded medication. And when we say generic what generally comes out first from our mind is that the medication is very cheap. Yes indeed prednisone generic is the cheap version of its branded counterpart but its cheaper price does not make it less effective. As what we have mentioned above prednisone generic is just the same with the brand name drug. The reason why it is cheaper is because the manufacturers only copied the original drug who’s patency has expired. This means the producer do not have to invest for years of research (because it has already been done), clinical trials, advertisements, application for patency, and etc. The availability of prednisone generic also helps people who have budget issues with their medications.

How about prednisolone?

Actually, prednisolone is a product of prednisone. Once you begin to take prednisone generic, the drug goes to your liver and is then converted into prednisolone. The body can only benefit with the drug once it has been converted into prednisolone.

However, you must take note that when you take prednisone generic your immunity system will be temporarily shut down. Therefore you have to be more cautious in your hygiene, to the people whom you are contact with, and your overall health to avoid getting an infection. If you are recently having an infection, such as fungal infections, your doctor will advise you not to take prednisone generic. Take only prednisone generic with proper guidance from a doctor to avoid dangerous side effects.