Proper Amoxicillin Dosage Means Optimum Treatment

Amoxicillin 500mg is the most popular dose for amoxicillin.  However, it is important that people should know that the proper amoxicillin dosage is necessary to have optimal treatment for the infection being treated.  Amoxicillin comes in different dosages – amoxicillin dosage 125mg, amoxicillin dosage 250mg, and amoxicillin dosage 500mg.  The three amoxicillin dosage mentioned can be found at your local pharmacy or online.  There are higher dosages available, but these are rarely dispensed outside of clinics and hospitals.  Amoxicillin comes in tablet, capsule, and oral suspension.  Knowing which amoxicillin dosage is right for you is necessary when treating bacterial infections.

In case you are not aware, amoxicillin is actually a derivative of the first antibiotic drug, penicillin.  Amoxicillin kills infection by preventing the bacterium from creating a cell wall which is necessary for their existence.  However, since different bacteria, the infected area, and the severity of the infection vary, it is important to use the right amoxicillin dosage for better treatment.  While there really is no overdosing in amoxicillin, using the right amoxicillin dosage for the type of infection you have in respect to its current severity is important.  At least, through this method, you do not become over reliant on antibiotic medications in treating your bacterial infections.  While antibiotics are necessary for treating such infections, the use of excessive dosage may actually eliminate other helpful bacteria that are in your body.

Since amoxicillin can easily be purchased over-the-counter without any prescription, one of the fears that many doctors and scientists have is that bacteria may actually develop resistance towards amoxicillin, especially when people frequently use the wrong amoxicillin dosage, which in this case is the higher amoxicillin dosage.  If this happens, the antibiotic drug called amoxicillin may become obsolete as we know it.  This is why it is necessary that you only use the right amoxicillin dosage to treat certain bacterial infections.

If you develop or acquire an infection, it is often recommended to consult your doctor for the proper diagnosis of the condition.  While certain symptoms may reveal the type of infection, it is often recommended to consult a medical professional for proper guidance in treating the condition, especially if you are not familiar with the infection you have recently acquired.  Since amoxicillin is not a prescription medication, people often buy amoxicillin without consider the proper amoxicillin dosage for their condition.  However, if you consult your doctor, you will be able to get the proper amoxicillin dosage in treating your condition as well as the course in which you need to take the antibiotic drug.

When you have been prescribed with an amoxicillin dosage along with the course treatment, it is necessary that you strictly follow the amoxicillin dosage given to you along with the course treatment.  Following the directions given to you by your doctor will not only ensure optimum treatment, but it also ensures that you are able to rid your system of the bacterial infection properly so that no remnants or traces of the bacteria remains inside you which could once again make the infection you have treated to reoccur.