The Different Uses of Tamoxifen Citrate

Tamoxifen citrate is mostly known for as a treatment for breast cancer.  Tamoxifen is used either as a treatment for early signs of breast cancer or as a preventive treatment for those who are considered as high risk to developing the cancer disease.  For many years, tamoxifen citrate has proven to be very effective with its treatment capabilities in helping to stop or prevent cancer of the breast.  The anti-estrogenic effect of tamoxifen citrate makes it very ideal when treating cancer of the breast as this disease needs to pair with estrogen receptors in order to grow and survive.  What tamoxifen citrate does is it competes with the cancer by binding itself with the estrogen receptors.

The thing is, tamoxifen citrate is not only used for treating breast cancer.  In fact, there are other conditions where the use of tamoxifen citrate is needed.  Here is a list of the different conditions which tamoxifen citrate can help treat:

Infertility – women who are suffering from infertility may be prescribed with tamoxifen citrate by their fertility doctor to treat their infertility.  For this treatment, tamoxifen citrate must be taken on certain days within their monthly ovulation cycle.

Retroperitoneal Fibrosis – women who suffer from this condition can be prescribed with tamoxifen citrate for treatment.

Bipolar Disorder – people with bipolar disorder experience a type of ‘mania.’  Tamoxifen citrate is given to such patients to help block protein kinase C, an enzyme responsible in regulating neural activity.  This helps to control or inhibit the mania that bipolar disorder patients experience.

Gynecomastia – gynecomastia is the development of women like breasts in men.  Tamoxifen citrate is commonly prescribed to men with this issue for both prevention and treatment.  Since not all men tend to develop this condition, men who are into bodybuilding and takes anabolic steroids take tamoxifen citrate as part of the cycle in their steroid use.  Since the use of anabolic steroids lower certain hormonal levels making the body compensate to it, the use of tamoxifen citrate helps in controlling water weight within the chest muscles.

Cancer and Angiogenesis – the most use of tamoxifen citrate is the treatment or prevention of breast cancer.  The basic action of tamoxifen citrate is anti-angiogenesis wherein it prevents the development of new blood cells which is necessary for the development and growth of breast cancer.  The discovery of angiogenesis led to the creation of anti-angiogenesis drugs like tamoxifen citrate which is very helpful in treating cancer of the breast.

If you need to use tamoxifen citrate on any of the issues mentioned and that you have the necessary prescription to buy this drug, you have the option of buying your tamoxifen citrate at your local pharmacy or buying it online.  Buying tamoxifen citrate online will be much beneficial for you because you will get to enjoy better savings this way.  The prices of tamoxifen citrate online are considerably lower than that of physical pharmacies which is why you will get to have better saving simply by buying your tamoxifen citrate treatment drugs online.